Lemon Spearmint Growth Beard Brew
Lemon Spearmint Growth Beard Brew
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Lemon Spearmint Growth Beard Brew

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1 bottle - 1 fl oz with built-in glass dropper

Stimulates Growth | Relieves Itchiness | Reduces Beardruff

What is it:

  • Hydrating, nurturing, non-greasy formula that will not clog pores
  • Naturally formulated oil packed with  essential vitamins to nourishment to the hair and follicle that nourish and protect skin from environmental stressors

What it does: 

Beard Brew oil does not only make your beard naturally shiny, hydrated, softened, and moisturized but also makes it smell amazing while not being too strong or overwhelming. Our formula helps the product penetrate the hair shaft and soften hairs while improving hydration.

How To Use: 

Dispense a few drops of Beard Brew into the palm of your hand. Rub hands together to spread and warm oil. Work the brew into the beard and surround skin. A little brew goes a long way! Also works wonders for mustaches.

The Result: 

Smoother, softened, hydrated, manageable, and less-itchy beard. 

Key Benefits & Ingredients:

Lemon Essential Oil is astringent and detoxifying. Its antiseptic properties help in treating and clearing skin. Lemon reduces excessive oil on the skin an ingredient that clears your skin, kills harmful viruses and bacteria, and reduces inflammation. Researchers have found that inhaling the aroma of lemon essential oil improves mood and promotes relaxation.


Spearmint Essential Oil has antiseptic properties that work to unclog your pores and naturally clean your skin. Spearmint Essential Oil has antibacterial components that will hinder the spread of acne-causing bacteria, preventing future breakouts.

Jojoba OilOrganic Jojoba Oil mimics skin's composition for an easily-absorbed feel without removing shine.  Jojoba oil is one of the closest things to the natural oils the body produces. Because it's similar to what the body produces, it is absorbed into the skin

Avocado OilAvocado Oil hydrates and softens skin. A high amount of vitamin E and essential fatty acids make this superfood as good for skin care as it is for toast


Coconut OilUSDA-certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is a great carrier oil for dry, sensitive skin. Coconut oil is predominantly composed of saturated fats, which work to repair your skin’s natural barrier and soak in moisture. By keeping your skin cells hydrated, your skin retains a nice smooth surface. The lauric, capric, and caprylic acids that are also in coconut oil’s composition help to fight off any bacteria. 

Vitamin EVitamin E is the ultimate protector: This skincare essential aids in healing the skin-boosting UV defense, preventing dryness, and working as an antioxidant.   Vitamin E has antioxidant qualities and helps to restore damaged skin cells. Beard Brew goes on without a greasy feel and absorbs quickly providing your hair and your skin maximum benefit.

Full Ingredients:

Common Names:
Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Avocado Fruit Oil, Castor Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic Rosemary Leaf Extract 


Protected With Sp3ctrum. All products are formulated, manufactured, and packaged while wearing appropriate PPE.


 NO Animal TestingAbsolutely Cruelty-Free 


No ParabensAll Sp3ctrum Cosmetics products are formulated without sulfates (SLS and SLES), parabens, and phthalates.